How to Generate Free Backlinks

Getting quality backlinks is a complex task. Website owners/managers must research influencers, bloggers, vloggers, and companies just to see who they would be willing to get a backlink from. Or, some take the route of buying or submitting their links to a business directory, like, but that doesn’t help much. All that aside, there is another way. is a SEO community tool, that helps small websites exchange links with each other. Why is this important? Googles’ ranking algorithm looks at the type of backlinks generated to index and rank a website. Thus, if you are wanting to rank for a specific topic, qualified backlinks need to be generated from websites that feature the specific topic. Same goes for location, if you want to have a better Google search ranking for a specific area, Google needs to see that websites from a specific geographic location are backlinking.

The whole idea of is to create an environment where small businesses can partake in a zero-sum-game of backlink creation, that isn’t spam. Like most everything, this tool can be abused, do not attempt to abuse this tool. Google can recognize when websites are trying to create a link farm or abuse the system in another way, and when Google finds the abuse, they will penalize all websites involved. If you are unsure of how to properly create backlinks, Google has a lot of resources to help. Do not be caught off guard because you did not do some simple reading about Google and backlinks creation.