How it Works

how to use

BackLinqs has two ways users can collaborate with each other to build links about a certain topic. One is, Requesting LinqExchange. Requesting LinqExchange is simply asking the individual if they would be interested in linking to a specific webpage. Whereas, Submitting Linqs allows other users to see you are willing to provide an outbound link in exchange for a inbound link.

Requesting LinqExchange

When Requesting LinqExchange, keep in mind, for best SEO results, in and out bound links need to be centered around the core topic of your web page.

Submitting Linqs

Submitting Linqs to BackLinqs allows other users to browse and find other websites that are willing to trade links. This will allow users to contact you, then you can determine if the LinqExchange request is feasible.

how does help search engine optimization

Indirectly, helps SEO by providing a platform for a community of website owners to collaborate and LinqExchange with one another. At this time Backlinqs doesn’t directly help SEO, our main focus is connecting people.

Why do back links matter?

Backlinks are important because the show search engines what type of topics a website is related based upon the websites linking to it. Just like in real life, we associate people based upon the caliber of individuals they are associated with. The greater influence a friend has, could potential increase the influence of the linking friend.