about the creator

The creator of backlinqs.com is Joshua Trimm. He is a freelance website developer that focuses, mainly, on WordPress development, design, and search engine optimization. Most of his spare time is spent programming, because of his love for learning and building new things that can solve a common problem. Some of his latest projects include; Xenial, a WordPress plugin that inserts custom schema into websites to help SEO rankings, And, Xenial Divi Menu, which is another WordPress plugin that insert inline schema using JavaScript and the jQuery library.

Joshua is always trying to find new projects to work on to advance his coding knowledge. In the spring of 2019 East Tennessee State University hired him as a research assistant to build a Twitter app to collect data about specific topics. This project was in addition to his other class projects.

In the fall of 2018 Joshua started attending East Tennessee State University after graduating from Northeast State Community College with an Associates in Computer Science. His current concentration at ETSU is Computer Science with an emphasis in Information Technologies and is expected to graduate fall of 2020. His current GPA is above 3.2.

why backlinqs was built

Backlinqs.com is an effort to bring website marketing managers together for the purpose of exchanging links. Exchanging links can be most valuable when trying to improve a websites’ search engine rankings. For best results, websites need to have a link coming from another website, that is relevant to their website. The higher the Domain Authority of the website, the better the link, thus, the more a websites’ search rankings should improve.

There is one main caveat, the best websites typically want a sum of money to provide a quality backlink. This is where backlinqs.com comes in. backlinqs was not built for the major websites, but the small ones with local Domain Authority, like a local HVAC or plumbing business. It is the attempt to form a community of users to Linq Exchange with one another, too pass domain authority.

Let’s look at an example:

Bob has a successful HVAC business in Small Town, USA. He currently contracts a local search engine optimization expert to help him build his website ranking. The SEO expert comes to Bob one day, and says, “Bob, we need to build backlinks to improve your websites search engine rankings.” Bob says, “How do we do that?”

Here Bob has two options, first, he can buy backlinks from directory websites. Or, he has the option to contact another website owner, that have a website relevant to his, to feature him in a blog. Bob is already a member of all his local business networking communities, like the Chamber of Commerce, and they all link to his website. So, Bob is left with the task of cold calling other business owners to see if they will link to his website.

Attempting to cold call other website owners is a monotonous, typically, unsuccessful task. Backlinqs eliminates the headache by allowing users to submit their need to Linq Exchange with another relative website.